Small World gets smaller

I love how small the world really is. Our first day of real sightseeing began with meeting our guide Francisca. When she met us at the train station she asked us questions about the family history search. I asked her if she was willing to make a call to my cousin who I had not yet met. When I told her the name, she got a curious look on her face. She said that the last name Manahu is not a common name and that her father was friends with a very well known Race car driver with this name. I told her that that was the son of my cousin which makes him a cousin too. Long story short her parents know my cousins. What are the chances of that? To add to this story, when we booked her in February, I chose her because her name was Francisca ( my Va’s maiden name) and she was an architect like Brieanne. One more blood connection.

The São Bento Train Station.

Our guide Francisca showing me a place to buy bread like Va used to make.

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